P2P Closes the Gap or your Money Back! 
Pen Grip - Letter Formation - Language Development - Colour - Number - Position 
Early Years teachers will love using our P2P Products to boost pupils' literacy and numeracy skills.

The P2P range is a family of products comprising ‘Pegs to Paper’ for literacy and ‘P2P Count Up’ for numeracy. The activities are centred around copying patterns onto pegboards. From letter formation to early number sense, the products help to enhance all basic cognitive processes for mastering skills of literacy and numeracy, while forming strong connections in the brain which stimulate learning.

‘Pegs to Paper’ improves all aspects of Early Years and SEN handwriting, and is one of the best fine motor skills and cognitive toys for toddlers and children. The system is designed to take children through a step by step process using a variety of materials including pegboards and lacing boards. They will learn language, colours, and numbers, spatial awareness, and shape recognition for letter formation.

While working through the activity cards, the adult feeds in critical spatial and directional words, such as “left, right, above and below”. Getting the child to repeat the words back provides him or her with an essential spatial framework for learning.

Children can see evidence of their progress by recording their activities as they work their way through the system.

As well as for Early Years settings we also have ideal sized sets for home learning. Learning at home creates a safe learning environment in their own personal space. This allows them to relax and gain confidence so they can fully engage with the products. 

Watch These Videos To Learn More 
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