7 benefits of learning and playing with educational toys

Educational toys are a fantastic way for your child to learn whist having fun. They are the fundamentals of problem solving, physical development and social skills.

Educational toys are a wonderful way to help your child’s confidence and self-esteem, helps them develop language, numeracy and literacy in a fun and creative way.

We have put together a list of the 7 benefits your child will get by using educational toys.

1. Develop fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are vitally important, this describes the way your child control their hands, grip and write. One of the fundamentals of learning is handwriting, research has shown handwriting develops the basic literacy, numeracy and language develop children needs for later life.

Any programme or educational toys that developed fine motor skills is good.

2. Problem solving

Using educational toys such as building block or magnetic construction kits or wooden toys are great way to help teach children literacy and numeracy as well as spatial awareness.

3. Creative play

Imaginative play, experimentation and creativity, building environments decorating, designing are a real way for a child to embrace real world and their environment.

4. Social interaction

Learn together, with friends or sibling, educational toys are a great way to encourage learning together. Children will learn patience, teamwork, compromise, relationships and develop confidence and self esteem.

5. Endless playtime

Invest in a programme or educational toys that are versatile and can involve, rather than a straightforward problem solving or one time build. This will allow your child to grow and develop and expand their mental and physical abilities.

6. Eye hand coordination

When a child tries to connect an object to another or build an environment they are learning how to connect between the eye and the hand. They are learning coordination, creating pictures in their minds and completing a task or skill.

7. Communication Skills

Encourage group play with problem solving or creative play activities, this will help children to communicate with each other and develop language skills and understand behavioural patterns.

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