Fun Home Learning for children. Easy ways to help learning at home

Is it a surprise that fun is in fundamental?

Parents are the most import contact in any child’s development and home learning is an important part of that.

When the child is home, you suddenly become the teacher.

Not all learning is serious or classroom based, making home learning fun is a key and essential part of the process. One trick is to disguise the learning process by making the activity a fun time.

Make your child excited to join in with the fun, for example Nexus have a developed a pegs to paper learning programme that is a fun way for children to learn numeracy and literacy.

Game changer

Play games with your child when out and about. Choose a subject and integrate basic shapes, colours and letterforms, this could be football team numbers, colours and names, or could be animals at the farm or outer space, there’s numbers and letters in everything.

Alternatively, use specially design creative and educational resources such as Nexus Pegs to Paper Programme.

Pegs to Paper is a fantastic home learning programme, its brightly coloured and tactile it encourages a child place coloured pegs into a board and then copy onto a work sheet.

They will learn how to count and subtract as well as starting to teach the child how to probably grip a pen or pencil.

This is one of fundamental activities that help children develop motor skills and ultimately handwrite better, all done in a fun way.

Whatever you use, just make sure to make home learning fun.

Teaching children to read

Teaching your child to read is one of the greatest pleasures and most rewarding activities a parent can do, it opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Reading books, short stories or simply making your own story helps develops a child’s imagination. Weave in numbers and colours into your story and then follow this with drawing and creative play in the form of a simple picture or costume.

Teaching the basic phonics is also important, this can be done in a fun way, through visual game, on a walk or a stroll round the garden or town searching for letters.

Develop a child’s handwriting skills

We at Nexus have spent a lot time researching and developing handwriting programmes and equipment for children, fully backed up by science we know that handwriting is the basic core skill that children must master to develop more accomplished reading and writing proficiency. This will better prepare them for later life in primary and secondary schools and throughout their adult life.

Nexus has developed a number of special triangular pens and pencils to assist children in holding a pen or pencil correctly which is essential to learn how to handwrite correct.

Identify Colors

Pink. Blue. Red. Black. Purple. Colours are all around us. Walk around your environment and spot the abundant colour range, this can be done in a town, home or garden environment.

Counting made easy.

Learning numeracy is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 with Nexus.

We offer a range of educational products that help assist children with numeracy, count the coloured and linking wooden counters, simple and portable perfect for the home.

No educational resources, no problem, count birds, pasta, and cars, whatever is available. Look for numbers in signs and subtract one from the other, is it a green sign or a blue sign, how many “a” are in the word and so on.

Simple fun and fundamental.

Our pegs to paper range are being used in schools nationally , view our Pegs to Paper range.

and there’s a full range of educational toys and home learning products to purchase on our early years home learning section

Nexus The Educators Connection Ltd supplies educational supplies, educational toys and learning toys to pre school, primary schools, nurseries and for home learning.

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