Smooth-sanded beech wood pieces are designed to work with all standard unit blocks. Available in three sizes with corresponding Unit Blocks Set*. Eco-friendly rubberwood blocks with smooth-sanded edges are designed to complement Block Science Foundation Sets or function stand-alone sets. Set of 10 Double-sided concept cards included. 



*Unit Blocks are sold separately.


What's in the Box? 


Block Science Foundation Set A - 55pcs (SKU G2100R)

  • 5 Double Sided Workcards
  • 8 roadway curves, 2 roadway units, 2 roadway ramps, 2 roadway double unit, 2 exit/entrance ramps, 2 cars, 4 wheel clips, 2 rope hitches, 10 block clips, 1 hinge clip, 16 roadway clips, 2 adults and 2 children)


Block Science Foundation Set B - 92pcs (SKU G2110R)

  • 10 x Double Sided Workcards
  • 12 x roadway curves, 4 x roadway units, 4 x roadway ramps, 4 x roadway double unit, 2 x exit/entrance ramps, 1 x roadway switcher A, 1 x roadway switcher B, 1 x roadway intersection 
  • 2 x cars, 8 x wheel clips, 2 x adults and 4 x children 
  • 4 x rope hitches, 14 x block clips, 3 x hinge clips, 26 x roadway clips


Block Science Foundation Set C - 155pcs (SKU G2120R)

  • 10 Double Sided Workcards
  • 16 x roadway curves, 8 x roadway units, 8 x roadway ramps, 8 x roadway double unit, 2 x roadway quad units, 6 x exit/entrance ramps, 2 x roadway switcher A, 2 x roadway switcher B, 1 x 4-way intersection,
  • 4 x cars, 12 x wheel clips, 3 x adults and 5 x children
  • 6 x hinge clips, 20 x block clips, 6 x rope hitches, 46 x roadway clips


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