Ten is, of course, the building block of our Base 10 numeration system. Linking Tens are two-by-five rectangular frames into which dual colour counters are placed to illustrate numbers less than or equal to ten or if using more than one ten-frame, numbers more than ten.


The use of ten-frames was developed by researches such as Van de Wane (1988) and Bobis (1988). Various arrangements of counters on the ten-frames can be used to prompt different mental images of numbers and different mental strategies for manipulating these numbers, all in association with the relationship of the number to ten.


Plenty of activities with Linking Tens will enable children to automatically think of numbers less than ten in terms of their relationship to ten and to build a sound knowledge of the basic addition/subtraction facts for ten which are an integral part of mental calculation.


Linking Tens is a useful device to support student's development of number relationships for numbers beyond 10. It can be used for developing mental strategies, such as the 1 more, 1 less, partitioning strategies and can encourage students to use known number facts. Comparisons of two numbers, including more, less, how many more, how many less can also be illustrated by the use of more than one ten-frame.



  • 10 x Linking Tens boards (size: 8.5 x 20cm each)
  • 100 x dual colour EVA cylinders
  • 4 page instruction leaflet


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