Pegs to Paper Set 1 uses the 5x5 Linking Pegboard, the first of the 3 boards in 'Pegs to Paper'. The board has been designed to have a slight resistance when it comes to placing the pegs in the holes in the board, this resistance develops motor skills. This set uses the first five P2P Coloured Pegs (Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red).  


This set encourages listening skills, motor development & handwriting grips, language development, healthy brain development, and pen control for letter formation. 


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Ages 3-5+


This set is suitable for Schools and large nursery settings. 


What's in the box?

  • 16 x Linking Peg Boards
  • 400 x Pegs 
  • 40 x Linking Pots 


  • 1 x Pegs to Paper Step 1 Work cards


Pegs to Paper Step 1 School Set

SKU: P2P2001


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