• Stools are lightweight, durable and ergonomically designed to encourage stationary seating for active children. Non-slip base allows children to safely lean and turn in any direction, aiding core control.
  • Seats are made from a soft-touch material to provide comfort, whilst the moulded side grips provide a tactile and sensory experience.
  • The stools promote movement and provide a great outlet for extra energy.
  • 4 sizes are available: 30.5 cm ( 3-4 Years), 38 cm (5-8 Years), 45 cm (9 years to adult), 50 cm Adult.
  • All stools are available in three colours. 


Tilo Stools - 50cm - Red SKU: G97004 -RD

Tilo Stools - 50cm - Dark Blue SKU: G97004 -DB

Tilo Stools - 50cm - Green SKU: G97004 -GR


Please Note: These products are sourced outside the UK and are all subject to availability. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.


Tilo Stools - 50cm



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