Sustainability with Nexus 

Nexus has a wide range of high-quality products designed and developed with both Children and our environment in mind. We introduced Bamboo into our product range in the Summer of 2019 and from then on we have been coming up with a new and sustainable way of producing, designing, and shipping our products. 

The P2P Count Up range (Image Above) was released in Summer 2019 and has been popular with teachers, parents, and most importantly pupils. The Numeracy product was designed by Simon (Nexus Managing Director) & Dr Angela Webb (Former chair of the NHA) and joined our famous Pegs to Paper Handwriting Programme. Count Up has been designed to use Bamboo where possible. 

The newest edition to the Nexus product range, Block Play (Image Left), has been released this Summer and is entirely made from Bamboo. The range includes two construction sets, bamboo vehicles, and so much more. Perfect for developing construction, vocabulary, and creative imagination skills.   

Why bamboo is so amazing and is helping to save the planet. 

Nexus is pioneering a new technique called bamboo carbonation. This method includes drying out the Bamboo under intense heat before manufacturing into products. This method gives the bamboo strength, a rich caramelized colour and durability, making it better to cut, drill, sand and provides a clean finish. As a company, we are extremely proud to be apart of this pioneering and life-changing technique.  Read below to find out what products we have created using Bamboo.    

Block Play 

P2P Count Up & Construction 

More about Bamboo and how it is changing the way we live, learn, and develop... 

Bamboo is known for health benefits including weight loss, balancing cholesterol, and anti-inflammatory properties. Although Bamboo is traditionary eaten in the regions of India, China, Japan and Thailand it is becoming more and more popular in the UK. 

Due to its combined light-weight and strength bamboo is commonly used as building materials, particularly in areas of the world where it is commonly found. From scaffolding, bridges, and even houses bamboo is being used more and more in the construction industry. 

Bamboo is a sturdy plant and can grow on sloped landscapes and other areas where plants and trees struggle to grow. This makes for a high and consistent supply of Bamboo, recent research has concluded that Bamboo has a lower eco-cost than other hardwoods making it a perfect fuel source. 

From bamboo socks to reusable bags Bamboo has taken the textile industry by storm. From the recent change in fashion culture in 2018 when sustainable fashion became more and more popular the clothing industry has had to make environmentally-friendly changes without breaking the bank. Due to the high yield of Bamboo being available it wasn't long before Bamboo clothing entered the market,  


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